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Shopper Experience (SX) Review

We were engaged by a client to conduct a full review of The Digital Shelf. This involved deep diving performance  data and also completing a full Shopper Experience (SX) Review.

Whilst it can be straightforward to use automation to identify technical performance issues, we believe that the SX perspective gives even more valuable insight into how people engage with your store front, or journey to get there. It can also identify key Triggers and Barriers in the shopper's entire purchase experience. Our SX reviews typically involve auditing areas such as Search, Content, Availability, Navigation and Ratings and Reviews.

We identified and fixed the client's low hanging fruit, and put longer term solutions in place where needed. We also matched the review output to the client's sales data to give a robust view of the 'why' behind the shelf metrics. 

Deliverables included: Red Amber Green action summaries; opportunity identification; debrief and coaching; management reporting; dashboarding.

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