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Retail Media IPE Best Practice

We have delivered a number of Retail Media Investment Planning and Execution (IPE) projects for our clients using our proprietary three step approach.


These projects typically start with a deep dive immersion into your business's current IPE practices, for example completing a comprehensive review of all the investments you have made (both on and offline) over the last twenty four months. We will also create your unique IPE SWOT and help you understand what you can already leverage in your business to win, as well as highlighting some blindspots.

We will then fully involve you and your team in the build stage, co-creating all the collateral needed to really step change your IPE approach. Expect Checklists, Golden Rules, a new Investment Database and more!

Finally we will embed everything in the wider business and with your key customers, and deliver the three year roadmap to highlight some of the longer term transformations you may require.

Deliverables typically include: workshops; new retail execution and investment guidelines;  investment database and toolkit; new planning and JBP frameworks

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