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So what's an omnichannel playbook and why does my business need one?

(Virtually) tick all that apply:

1) Everyone in my business understands how to influence the omnichannel shopper.

2) I am responsible for helping my business understand the omnichannel shopper and I am crystal clear on how to do this.

3) We already have a visually impactful, interactive playbook that gives complete clarity with new-iPhone-box-opening-smoothness to:

- which traditional and digital Shopper Marketing tools to use precisely at which stage on the shopper journey;

- why we should bother;

- what the priority of each tool is;

- what payback we can expect;

- which barriers and triggers the tools help overcome;

- what the relevance is to specific shopper missions;

<add in any other shopper marketing inspired slightly esoteric jargon here>

- what the lottery numbers are going to be this weekend

<ok so that last one was a deliberate over-promise-inclusion to check how well you know your existing playbook>

3 ticks? Congratulations, Happy Christmas and spend your huge omnichannel-ninja-business-success-created bonus wisely. (Or maybe just pay off the Black Friday credit card bill).

2 ticks? Nearly there...

1 tick? Not a bad start...

0 ticks? Join the club and read on...

So we all know who the omnichannel shopper is, right?

If not, take a look in the mirror, out of the window, or around the office. The omnichannel shopper is all of us. All of us who weave in and out of online and offline on the way to make a purchase of anything from a new Smart TV to a weekly grocery shop, with a whole load of other great stuff somewhere in between.

And we all know how to win the omnichannel shopper, right?

Yeah of course we do, we just do some promotions and try and find some budget to stick something on the tely.


Or maybe you could try:

1) Completely re-wiring your entire business to be a Shopper (Customer) Experience led agile anti-behemoth.

2) Employing vast swathes of omnichannel shopper experts to lead the revolution from within.

3) Taking a significant chunk of your brand budget and handing it to your Shopper Marketing colleagues.

4) Reversing the direction of the earth's rotation and disinventing Amazon, because let's face it that's probably just about as easy as any of 1) to 3) for most FMCG companies....


5) Creating one of those omnichannel playbook thingies that we were talking about a minute ago.


A decent playbook will give your business complete clarity on where to play, how to win, what to do, who should do it, and why winning the omnichannel shopper will net you a few extra Brucey Bonuses in the bank for Christmas, or for any time of the year for that matter.

Don't know where to start or want some inspiration?

Feel free to write to Santa or if it's easier just drop us a line. Happy (omnichannel) shopping!

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