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Marc Warburton

Marc Warburton founded Daedal in 2018 and has spent 20 years working in CPG. Marc oversees all project work and creates Daedal's IP.


Andrew is one of our eCategory experts. Andrew has over 30 years' experience in CPG, and is a certified Professional Scrum Master.


Rebecca Randle-Williams has broad eCommerce experience covering retalier, agency and brand gained over 15 years.

Julia Lauritzen

Julia Laurritzen is our go to Amazon expert. Julia has over 15 years' experience in CPG.


Viv Craske leaders our Challenger Brand eCommerce Accelerator. Viv has 15 years' experience in CPG.

Sean Teehan

Sean Teehan is a seasoned eCommerce consultant. Sean has over 20 years' experience in CPG.

Andrew Cowen

Andrew Cowen is our eCommerce training and eCategory expert. Andrew has over 20 years experience in CPG.

Stefan MInchev

Stefan Minchev is the founder of Looming Tech, our strategic partner for Web Development. He has over 20 years' experience.

Lucy Newall-Ellis

Lucy Newall-Ellis provides brand consultancy and leads web design and build in key clients.

Lachezar Stoyanov

Lachezar Stoyanov is one of our Web Developers and supports David and Stefan on key projects.

David Bone

David Bone is our Technical Lead and heads up our dev team. He over 20 years' experience in CPG.

Andrew Tosney

Andy Tosney is Daedal's Non Exec Director. He has over 35 years' experience of CPG in global category leading businesses.

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