Subchannel Toolkits

Subchannel Toolkits

We have produced a number of these best practice subchannel guides for our clients. They have covered traditional Bricks and Clicks retail, Pure Play, B2B and Quick Commerce. Depending on the amount of insight needed in the business, the toolkits can either be quite tactical or much more strategic.

All our toolkits include subchannel overviews, opportunity assessment, the path to purchase, insight, shopper triggers and barriers and ‘how to’ touchpoint overviews. We have also created ROI guides and automated solutions for specific shopper journeys. The toolkits have been designed for sales and brand teams, and have also been deployed via our clients’ eCommerce training programmes.

Deliverables typically include: insight mining; scoping and engagement workshops; interactive PDFs; web based solutions; PowerPoint decks.

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