eCommerce Training

eCommerce Training

All Daedal consultants are experienced trainers, having created and delivered a number of virtual and in person eCommerce training programmes across various global markets. These cover all aspects of Digital Commerce, Shopper Marketing and eCategory Strategy.

We offer a suite of blended solutions underpinned by data from the d-BUG platform, and tailored to the client’s unique needs. Absolutely central to our approach is the creation of ‘Learning Journeys’ which are designed to extend the learning experience outside of the formal environment, for example into key work projects.

We can also complete any technical builds required, and can advise your HR colleagues on the need for considering key principles such as 70:20:10 and Learning Journeys.

Our benchmarking product is a good place to start, highlighting strengths and opportunities versus your peer companies across twenty four elements, or a comparison across all your internal markets. This will provide a robust view of the current level of digital capability in your organisation, and a roadmap for the solutions required to become best in class.

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