Improve ROI with an eCommerce Strategy

eCommerce Strategy

Are you looking for a comprehensive eCommerce Strategy that will be hardwired into your business to deliver sustainable commercial success? Or maybe just some help with a subchannel such as DTC, B2B or Quick Commerce.

Follow our PACE maturity roadmap here to deliver everything you need.

eCommerce Training that delivers sustainable capability changes

Capability Building

Do you want to benchmark your business against the twenty-four elements required for eCommerce success? Or do you have a specific eCommerce training need such as a leadership programme or a cross business upskill?

We are capability building experts. Find out why here.

eCategory Leadership for the brand, shopper and retailer.

eCategory Leadership

Ready to move on from The Digital Shelf or just getting started? Need to get more from your PIM or looking for guidance on leading successful taxonomy projects? Or are you ready for a real game changer and an eCategory Strategy?

See how the eCategory Flywheel  brings it all together here.

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Could your business take a smarter approach to Digital Commerce Performance, Activation, Capability or E-Category? 


Follow our Maturity Model to move your business from a basic level of eCommerce operation to an advanced one.


Making the most of The Digital Shelf

Making the most of The Digital Shelf

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Start your eCommerce learning journey with Bob as he struggles with his emotions during his weekly shop!


And when you are ready to take the next step, we would love to talk to you about d-BUG. Request a product demo here



d-BUG capability hub introduction

d-BUG capability hub introduction

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Deliver truly sustainable commercial growth to your business with d-BUG, our innovative capability hub.


Deploy the three interconnected modules of Benchmark, Unlock and Grow to understand your precise strengths and opportunities versus your peers, learn how to make the most of your internal and external resource, and then demonstrate improvements over time.


Supercharge your customer engagement and growth ambitions with a properly thought out and structured eCategory Strategy.

Start with your existing Category Vision or Cat Strat and develop the eCategory blueprint. From there springboard into the virtuous growth cycle of identifying retailer growth opportunities, setting shared ambition via an eJBP and delivering world class execution at The Digital Shelf. Fundamentally shift the dial on shopper behaviour then take the best bits and go around again...

We have got some great experience and expertise in this space. Deploy the eCategory Flywheel in your business today

The Daedal eCategory Flywheel


Daedal CPG Consultancy introduction

Who are Daedal?

We are a CPG Digital Commerce consultancy that enables sustainable eCommerce capability and commercial growth in our clients. We do this by deploying our proprietary products throughout their businesses.


We continually refine and improve our product ecosystem to ensure that it is as good as possible, and adds the most value it can to all our clients. Check out our four key solutions here or read some case studies here.

Daedal CPG Consultancy values

How do we operate?

Our Mission Statement is:

'To be our clients' partner of choice for sustainable d-Commerce commercial and capability growth'.

Our Values are:

  • To complete our work to the highest possible standard in a timely fashion.

  • To be proactive, continually seeking opportunities to deliver and innovate our key solutions.

  • To always act professionally with integrity and good humour.

Daedal Organisation Benchmarker

Where to begin?

Knowing where to start in the rapidly changing retail environment can be a daunting prospect.  Where should you focus first? How do you benchmark against your competitors?

Deploy our Organisation Benchmarker roadmapping tool to understand exactly where you business is today, and what it needs to focus on to turbocharge its eCommerce performance. Request an overview and a demo of Organisation Benchmarker here.



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We would love to have a chat with you about making more of Digital Commerce in your CPG business and if you want to chat back we might even send you a complimentary copy of Decoding d-Commerce to help you on the way!

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